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Why Would One Need a Permanent Retainer?

Posted on 2/20/2020 by Harry L. Dougherty DDS, MS
Why Would One Need a Permanent Retainer?For many of our patients, getting braces is the most effective treatment solution for moving and aligning their teeth into proper position, but it's not a permanent solution, as they do not last your entire lifetime.

Once you come into our office to have your braces removed, we will recommend that you wear some type of retainer to continue to keep your teeth straight and healthy.

Not all patients require permanent retainers after the removal of their braces, there are removable retainers that are typically worn at night. Permanent retainers on the other hand are placed on your lower teeth in the back of your mouth to keep your teeth from shifting on a 24 hour basis. Read on to find out why you would need a permanent retainer over a removable retainer.

Why Would You Need a Permanent Retainer?

Are you someone who has a hard time remembering to put in your retainers? Do you just not like wearing them at all? Permanent retainers are the best option for you, if you answered yes. Not only in terms of effectiveness, but performance and reliability as well. If you do not have a good oral hygiene routine, permanent retainers may not be the right option for you, because it requires maneuvering around the retainers to clean them. In addition, if we determine that your teeth are at risk for shifting, we will not recommend permanent retainers for you.

The best way to make that recommendation is to schedule a consultation and come in to speak to one of our experienced and highly trained dental professionals. We can show you how to maintain your retainers, and help you determine which treatment option will be best for effectively keeping your teeth from shifting out of place.

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